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Melbourne’s Tax Depreciation Schedule Specialists

Need help reducing your tax burden and boosting your returns? Reach out to Property Returns to work with a proficient and diligent quantity surveyor and do just that. Providing exceptional quantity surveying services, Property Returns delivers reliable tax depreciation schedules for residential and commercial properties in Melbourne and across Victoria. Let us simplify tax depreciation for you and make it easier for you to claim tax deductions on your investment property.

If you need help navigating the specific ATO Tax Rulings associated with property depreciation in Melbourne, Property Returns is your new best friend. According to the ATO, we’re one of the few professionals qualified to calculate the depreciable value of your property. When you partner with the Property Returns quantity surveyor firm, you’ll receive accurate and honest advice and guidance on your property’s value and depreciation from seasoned surveying professionals

Our specialist surveyors go above and beyond to document each asset in your property, categorise the assets accordingly, and calculate the overall depreciable value. All this ensures that you, the investor, can maximise your tax return by claiming on property depreciation. Our expert quantity surveyor Australia team makes valuation estimations and calculations, continually monitors a property’s quality control, and provides industry-leading expertise to maximise tax savings for our clients.

Property Returns engage with a wide range of residential and commercial properties and projects across Melbourne and Victoria. Our tax depreciation schedules and calculations are formatted and prepared for the ease of the accountant who processes them, making tax claims as seamless and smooth as possible. Each depreciation schedule we prepare identifies equipment assets and capital works deductions for each property’s lifespan, prioritising the first five years of post-settlement savings.

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    The Value of a Tax Depreciation Schedule

    A tax depreciation schedule and the support of a quantity surveyor are essential to unlocking the potential of your tax return at the end of a financial year. After 30 years of experience in quantity surveying and preparing tax depreciation schedules, Property Returns is a well-trusted and highly qualified firm that can provide unparalleled scheduling, depreciation advice, and expert industry knowledge to break down each project’s value. There’s no better quantity surveyor firm to partner with in 2023. We’re here to help you optimise your tax depreciation returns for your property in Melbourne.

    Your Melbourne property will most likely have depreciation (a tax break that allows you to offset your property’s decline in value from your taxable income). Property Returns will make claiming depreciation as straightforward as possible for you. We’ll thoroughly examine and assess your property and its assets. We’ll tell you what to write off, what to improve, and explain the prime cost and diminishing value methods of depreciation so that when tax time comes around, you’re more than prepared to make the most of it and maximise your depreciation returns.

    Liam Hannah – Managing Partner (Director) BAppSc, AIQS (Affil.)

    Melbourne’s Leading Quantity Surveyors

    The Australian Tax Office (ATO) recognises a quantity surveyor Melbourne professional as one of the only titles with the appropriate estimation skills to calculate depreciable costs of assets (Tax Ruling 97/25)The Property Returns firm is comprised of tertiary qualified quantity surveyors, who specialise in analysing measurement of construction costs and accurately calculating asset value.

    We can inspect and assess value before, during and after the construction of a property in Melbourne. Property Returns use this information to prepare a tax depreciation schedule, which accommodates either the commercial or residential investor with a framework of the depreciation deductions that can be claimed each tax year. We are proud to service MelbourneSydneyAdelaideBrisbaneGold Coast, Perth, Darwin, Launceston, Canberra, Townsville, Cairns, and Newcastle.

    Tax Depreciation Schedule FAQs

    What’s involved in a residential tax depreciation schedule?

    As the owner of a resident