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Pay less tax and maximise your return with Property Returns. The country’s leading quantity surveying experts, Property Returns, specialise in property tax depreciation schedules for residential and commercial buildings across the nation. Our quantity surveying experts provide reliable, professional and detailed advice for all current ATO Tax Rulings relating to depreciation.

Quantity Surveyor services require an in-depth knowledge and industry expert understanding of property investment, construction costs, tax depreciation and asset evaluation. Backed by more than 30-years of experience in quantity surveying, Property Returns are the leading team of experts offering exceptional quantity surveying services across the country.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) recognises quantity surveyors Australia as one of the only professionals with the appropriate estimation skills to calculate the costs of depreciation of items (Tax Ruling 97/25). The Property Returns quantity surveyors are tertiary qualified professionals, specialising in estimating value and building measurement of construction costs. Servicing the whole of Australia, we’re here to help property investors.

Property Returns engage with a wide range of residential and commercial projects across Australia. When you engage with Property Returns, a specialist surveyor will document each asset within a property and estimates the depreciable value to ensure you, the investor, are maximising your deductions.

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    Why Work with A Quantity Surveyor?

    Most first-time property investors come to discover that they require a tax depreciation schedule and the support of a quantity surveyor to supply one. We’re here to help. Property Returns is a quantity surveying firm providing unparalleled scheduling, depreciation advice, and expert industry knowledge to maximise each project’s value. Essentially, tax depreciation schedules in Australia are our bread and butter.

    Documenting each asset in a property to calculate the depreciable value, our expert quantity surveyor Australia services work to ensure that the investor’s deductions are maximised. This includes using a laser measurer to measure spaces, recording an asset’s brand or model number and taking photographs of any property updates. We can inspect and assess before, during and after the construction of a building. Property Returns use this information to prepare a tax depreciation schedule, which provides either a commercial or residential investor with an outline of the depreciation deductions that can be claimed each tax year.

    The tax depreciation estimates and calculations prepared by our quantity surveyor teams are formatted to be directly utilised by an accountant. Striving to make this process of tax deduction claims as easy as possible, Property Returns is comprised of both experienced quantity surveyors and registered tax agents. Each schedule that we prepare identifies all plant and equipment assets and capital works deductions for each property’s lifespan, prioritising the savings in the first five years post-settlement.

    Liam Hannah – Managing Partner (Director) BAppSc, AIQS (Affil.)

    Australian Professionals

    Our expert quantity surveyors make estimations, monitor quality control, and provide industry experience to maximise tax depreciation. Whether your property is located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Darwin, Launceston, Canberra, Townsville, Cairns, Queensland or Newcastle, Property Returns can provide a comprehensive and tailored service to maximise your savings on an investment property.

    Whether you’re an individual property investor or an experienced property developer, Property Returns can provide you with unparalleled quality quantity surveying in Australia.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Quantity Surveying

    Why Should I Choose Property Returns?

    With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have the experience and the background to cater to a wide range of commercial and residential properties. Our quantity surveying offerings are available across the nation, servicing all major cities of Australia. Property Returns operate offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Perth.

    Property Returns take a holistic approach to quantity surveying, delivering professional support before, during and after the construction of a property. We understand that every property is entirely unique, whether it be commercial or residential. Our quantity surveyor Australia team are experts in tailoring the depreciation process; passionate about the ins and outs of quantity surveying and committed to helping others maximise their deductions return.

    The Australian Tax Office has specified a plethora of regulations to outline the depreciation of assets. At Property Returns, we take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of these rules, as well as the story behind each property to maximise tax savings. By overseeing the assets of a wide range of projects, Property Returns can provide accurate cost planning and estimations – putting the investor in the driving seat of their property’s tax deductions.

    Regardless of whether you purchased a property yesterday or several years ago, Property Returns can assess your assets’ full history and make the correct technical calculations to optimise your tax deductions. Although we specialise in tax depreciation schedules, our expert quantity surveyors can manage various aspects of your construction project.

    The difference between Property Returns and our competitors across Australia is that we provide our services at a fair, affordable price. Our in-depth knowledge and industry experience in construction, cost planning, tax depreciation, and property development have equipped our team with a comprehensive understanding of property investment opportunities and pitfalls.

    As registered tax agents, we’re able to provide leading professional services that can maximise your deductions. When you engage with Property Returns for quantity surveyor Australia services, you’ll be working with an experienced team member that is dedicated to ensuring the best outcome for you. Bringing an energised, modern approach and a natural property and investment acumen to quantity surveying, Property Returns is built on the premise of providing high-value service to the everyday property investor.

    What Are Tax Depreciation Schedules Used For?

    Most properties, residential or commercial, new or old, will have depreciation available. Depreciation refers to a tax break that allows investors to offset their property’s decline in value from taxable income. Depreciation can be claimed on tax returns each financial year, to help the investor to potentially save thousands of dollars.

    A tax depreciation schedule is a report that profiles all potential tax depreciation deductions for a commercial or residential investment property. Tax depreciation schedules list all of the depreciable assets related to owning a property, including the building itself. Developed to meet an accountant’s tax claim requirements, depreciation schedules are invaluable reports that can maximise savings for an investor.

    Property Returns specialise in providing tax depreciation schedules, prepared by fully qualified quantity surveyors. The depreciation schedule will provide a detailed guide on what the investor can claim, and when. As our team comprises registered tax agents and expert quantity surveyors, each report will detail all depreciable items and the effective life and depreciation rate for all division assets. Our depreciation schedules can even be forwarded directly to your accountant to further simplify the process. Property Returns encourage property investors to order a tax depreciation schedule as soon as the settlement has occurred, to ensure you’re claiming everything that you’re entitled to.

    Do I Need A Quantity Surveyor?

    Property investors benefit enormously from engaging with a qualified, professional and trustworthy quantity surveyor. Quantity surveying professionals can inspect, assess and advise on all matters that determine tax depreciation of a property.

    The beauty of working with a quantity surveying firm is that they can estimate and monitor construction costs at various stages of a building’s construction. Property return’s quantity surveyors rely on their knowledge of construction methods and costs to analyse and advise investors on the most economical approach. During construction, we can value any progress at regular intervals and value the changes to the property.

    By managing all aspects of your property’s assets, Property Returns help to maximise savings on both time and money. Regardless of the particular investment or project you require professional assistance with; our main objective is to always save you money whilst minimising any contractual and financial risk. Property Returns are committed to delivering value to every project we work on, whether it be a new commercial building or a (free) standing residential investment. We’re so confident in our quantity surveyor Australia services that we guarantee our tax depreciation schedules will ensure investors claim the maximum legitimate deductions possible.

    Can You Help with My Residential Investment?

    Yes! Every residential property investor should be relying on a tax depreciation schedule. As the owner of a residential investment property, claiming depreciation deductions is a huge component of keeping on top of and optimising tax claims. A professional tax depreciation schedule prepared by a quantity surveyor will work to substantiate and claim maximum deductions.

    Investment property depreciation includes general wear and tear and decline in value. Depreciation is claimable by all residential investment property owners and can be substantially maximised by a quantity surveyor on your side. Both new and old residential investment properties have significant depreciable value. Of all tax deductions available to property investors, deprecation of assets is the second-largest deduction, closely falling behind interest.

    Property Returns deliver residential depreciation schedules that offer a detailed forecast table, the different depreciation methods available, and an assessment of all common property such as communal areas and lifts, where legislation allows. Committed to helping the everyday property investor, residential tax depreciation schedules are prepared and entirely tailored to the individual property.

    What About Commercial Investment Properties?

    Property Returns also provide leading tax depreciation schedules for commercial properties and industrial building sites. Under Australian tax laws, if you own commercial real estate, or the commercial property is leased or used for income-producing purposes, you are entitled to claim the property’s depreciable assets. There are two kinds of depreciation allowances available for commercial properties: plant and equipment, and depreciation on capital allowances. To maximise the tax savings on your commercial property, you’ll need an expert prepared tax depreciation schedule from a quantity surveyor.

    Property Returns provide commercial depreciation advice, schedules and reports for buyers, owners and sellers of all types of commercial buildings. Our diverse clientele in the commercial real estate industry means that we have a wealth of experience in providing and preparing accurate and precise depreciation schedules.

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    Ready to take the next step? Property Returns provide leading tax depreciation schedules across Australia. Wherever you’re located in Australia, we can deliver the expert advice and reporting needed for your investment property.

    Our dedicated team of quantity surveyors in Australia are passionate about construction costs, depreciable assets, accurate estimations, and exceptional professional surveying support. As an independent Australian quantity surveyor firm, the only kickbacks we’re incentivised by are your best interests. Whether you own or are making a residential or commercial investment, Property Returns are here to maximise your savings. Call us today on 1300 829 221 or send through an online enquiry for our team to contact you as soon as possible.










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