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Property Returns Brisbane office prepares tax depreciation schedules for rental property all over Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. In Brisbane a tax depreciation schedule is also referred to as a tax depreciation report, a depreciation report or a quantity surveyors report for rental properties.

Property Returns, Australia’s leading property depreciation company has, with its highly qualified team, completed inspections and provided a property depreciation report for some of the largest residential buildings in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Phone for your depreciation report in Brisbane

By investing in property you can not only enjoy high rental yields but you can also claim tax depreciation benefits on your rental property by ordering a depreciation report in Brisbane. Call Property Returns Brisbane office today and speak to our quantity surveyor or our other tax depreciation experts about rental property depreciation and how to order a tax depreciation schedule or a tax depreciation report. Brisbane property investment has continued to be strong in 2016 against all predictions, and has seen the greatest housing price increase of any city by a substantial margin.

The Brisbane property market

Brisbane ratepayers have just received a mail out from Graham Quirk, the Brisbane lord mayor, informing them that the State Government has set Brisbane City Council a target of approving more than 223,000 new homes over the next 30 years to keep up with the city’s population growth. That’s over 7,500 homes a year. Brisbane, compared to the Sydney and Melbourne markets, offers more affordable property prices which creates an ideal base to start your investment journey, or grow your portfolio. While interest rates are falling which may make it easier for first time investors to take a position in the market, minimum deposits are rising. Brisbane property is presenting better yields when compared to its larger capital city rivals. Review each property investment on its merits and always check the additional or add-ons like body corporate fees, management costs and cleaning and property insurance for the area.

Up and coming areas such as; Wynnum, Manly, Birkdale, Ipswich and Ormeau half way to the Gold Coast are popular with many rental investors.

Brisbane Statistics

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Brisbane’s Tax Depreciation Specialists

The team at Property Returns Brisbane is committed to providing a service that is not only affordable but is also comprehensive and has compiled information that will answer any questions or concerns you may have about a tax depreciation schedule, a depreciation report or a quantity surveyor report. We are ATO approved for providing rental property depreciation reports. Our highly qualified national team members consist of Construction Engineers, Builders, Developers, Tax Accountants with MBA credentials, Quantity Surveyors and skilled support staff. We have provided rental property depreciation advice to some of Australia’s leading developers, newspapers and investment magazines, lectured at university and conducted seminars with investor groups, bankers and realtors.

Our tax depreciation schedule in Brisbane

Whether referred to as either; a depreciation report, a tax depreciation schedule or a report produced by a quantity surveyor, we at Property Returns will provide you with the most comprehensive depreciation report in Brisbane.

Property Returns Brisbane applies the latest Australian Taxation Office rulings and interpretations to your depreciation report. Our quantity surveyor and other team members provide clients with an optimised depreciable lifetime view of their property. Our depth of knowledge and understanding of Legislation concerning Depreciation Tax Rulings on property ensures we always achieve maximum investment tax depreciation benefits for clients, whilst complying with all ATO regulations

Comprehensive reporting

Property Returns Brisbane produces a comprehensive investment property depreciation report to enable investors to claim their full depreciation entitlements as quickly as possible. A Property Returns Brisbane report provides a 40-year schedule of depreciation allowances for capital works (or building allowance) and depreciating assets (or plant & equipment) for investment properties. We also incorporate split asset reporting and if the investor has lived in the property we can legitimately reduce their early losses for the years they occupied the property. Property Returns Brisbane are the only Australian tax depreciation company which provides this service as part of standard reporting.

Physical inspections

Property Returns Brisbane conducts physical inspections of all properties. We insist on walk-through property assessments by our own in-house staff, who are qualified inspectors. Our staff have the expertise and knowledge to identify rental property assets which are depreciable and how these will maximise the investor’s legitimate claim. Each inspection report is thoroughly checked by a qualified quantity surveyor.

ATO compliant

To claim maximum tax benefits on an investment property the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires property investors to complete a fully compliant tax depreciation report. Property Returns Brisbane staff are industry-qualified and trained in-house to provide honest, reliable, accurate, ATO-compliant reports in accordance with the latest government rulings and interpretations.

A full audit trail

Property Returns Brisbane provides a full audit and paper trail for every client, plus support information on request, free of charge. We will also assist with ATO audit requests.

Guaranteed entitlements

Property Returns Brisbane guarantees to assess depreciation entitlements to an amount at least double its professional fees in the first full financial year. If we don’t, we will provide the report for free!

On Time and affordable

Property Returns Brisbane provides a professional, timely service at an affordable price. Our fees are the most affordable in the industry for our level of expertise and reporting and are fully tax deductible.