Property Returns/Depwest, Perth

Property Returns utilizes our partnership with Depwest Perth to provide Western Australian investors with Tax Depreciation Reports.

At Depwest we guarantee to achieve maximum depreciation allowances from your investment property. These legitimate tax deductions will help you, the investor obtain a greater return from your investment by reducing your taxable income, paying less tax and essentially improving your cash flow

As a fiercely proud, wholly Western Australian owned company based in Perth, we believe that our local expertise and service commitment is second to none.

We are a local company, with local knowledge resulting in an accurate, timely and affordable service setting us apart from our competitors making us the leader in servicing Western Australian property investors.

Depwest predominantly service the Western Australia region but also provide services throughout Australia by conducting periodic trips to all cities and regional areas nationwide

Depreciation Schedules in Perth

PERTH is the world’s 21st best city to live in – according to Mercer’s 2016 Quality of Living survey, that’s an improvement for WA’s capital city, which placed 22nd in 2015. Australian cities have been rated highly as some of the safest places in the world. Mercer evaluated more than 450 cities on culture, political stability, climate and natural disasters, safety, housing, education, recreational and consumer goods.

Sydney held onto its 10th position in 2016, Melbourne ranked 15th, followed by Perth, Adelaide at 27, Canberra 28 and Brisbane 36. “Australian cities illustrate a stable infrastructure, increased availability of housing on the city fringe and lifestyle choices that are particularly appealing to younger generations. “This is all good news in terms of Australian-based companies attracting international talent.

Perth has brushed off its mining town image to be one of Australia’s most striving cities, the city of lights. It was founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling it now boasts a population of over 1.9 million and growing at approximately 26,000 per year this means the demand for rental properties is increasing the need for property investors. Property is the preferred investment for many investors due to the fact that it has many benefits including its intrinsic value. Value can be added by improvements or renovations and property can be leveraged easily, to give further access to capital. By investing in property you can not only enjoy high rental yields you can claim tax depreciation benefits on your rental property by order a tax depreciation report Perth. Call Depwest Perth office today and speak to our tax depreciation experts about rental property depreciation and how to order a tax depreciation schedule or tax depreciation report.

Perth’s Tax Depreciation Specialists

The team at Depwest Perth is committed to providing a service that is not only affordable, it is comprehensive and has compiled information that will answer any questions or concerns you may have about tax depreciation schedules, tax depreciation reports or quantity surveyor reports.

We are ATO approved for providing rental property depreciation reports. Our highly trained team members consist of Tax Depreciation Specialists and skilled support staff. We have provided rental property depreciation advice to some of Perth’s leading developers and conducted seminars with investor groups, bankers and realtors.

The Depwest Difference

As a fiercely proud, wholly Western Australian owned company, we believe that our local expertise and service commitment is second to none – local company, local knowledge resulting in an accurate, timely and affordable service setting us apart from our competitors making us the leader in servicing Western Australian property investors.

Professionally Accepted Depreciation Schedules

ATO compliant

Depwest qualify under Tax Ruling 97/25 of the Income Tax Assessment Act (1997) as having the expertise to estimate construction costs for depreciation purposes. Depwest are affiliated with industry regulating bodies and utilise the latest ATO Rulings to ensure investors claim the maximum tax depreciation deductions from their investment property. Our service guarantees excellence, precision and the application of the most up-to-date information to provide you with an optimized lifetime view of your property.

Rapid Service

Physical inspections – booked within 1-3 business days (Perth Metro)

Site inspections are necessary to satisfy ATO requirements, a qualified and experienced inspector will visit your property, measure the building, assess the construction and record all depreciable plant and equipment items (including common areas in a strata complex) – Our staff have the expertise and knowledge to know which items are depreciable and how savings can be legitimately achieved, guaranteeing you won’t miss out on any deductions. All the documentation is securely stored and can be retrieved and used as evidence in the event of an audit.

A one off property deduction schedule – 2 business days after inspection.

Depwest provide a comprehensive one off report valid for the life time of the property (maximum 40 years). The report will illustrate the total property deductions for the lifetime of the property (Division 40 – Decline in Value Deductions on Plant & Equipment & Division 43 – Capital Works Deductions on Building & Infrastructure) providing you with an optimized depreciable lifetime view of your property.