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Depreciation schedules in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most cosmopolitan cities to live in, founded in 1835 it now boasts a population of over 4.3 million and growing at approximately 78,000 per year this means the demand for rental properties is increasing the need for property investors. Property is the preferred investment for many investors due to the fact that it has many benefits including its intrinsic value. Value can be added by improvements or renovations and property can be leveraged easily, to give further access to capital.

By investing in property you can not only enjoy high rental yields you can claim tax depreciation benefits on your rental property by order a tax depreciation report Melbourne. Call Property Returns Melbourne office today and speak to our tax depreciation experts about rental property depreciation and how to order a tax depreciation schedule or tax depreciation report.

How to Save Thousands on Your Tax Bill

Discover Why Business Owners and Investment Property Owners Trust Property Returns Melbourne to provide an affordable Tax Depreciation Services for Melbourne property investors.

Save Thousands of Dollars

Multi page, easy to read tax depreciation schedule for the life of the property our Melbourne Property Returns team provide tax depreciation schedules for business owners and investment property owners. Our team of quantity surveyors and tax depreciation specialists, can help you save thousands by discovering property tax depreciation deductions. This can significantly improve your cash flow of your investment property by identifying all your property tax depreciation deductions.

Our service to you includes

  • On-site inspection of the total property and common areas by a tax depreciation specialist.
  • Analysis of the original building, and inclusion of all pre-and post-renovations/extensions.
  • Identification of all plant items, which depreciate at a higher % rate.
  • Inclusion of furniture and post purchase asset expenditure.
  • A multi-page tax depreciation schedule for the life of the property.
  • Diminishing value and prime costs methods of depreciation.
  • Quick and efficient turn around with all schedules.
  • A complete money back guarantee on tax depreciation schedules.

Types of Deductions

1. Capital Works, this refers to the construction cost to build, extend or renovate a building.
2. Plant Items & equipment a term used to describe items that can be removed without damaging the building i.e. curtains, kitchen stove/oven, carpet and vinyl floor coverings and, where applicable, loose furniture such as beds tables or chairs.

Our Guarantee

Double our fee, or its free, that’s our guarantee. You will receive at least double our fee worth of property depreciation deductions in the first full financial year of ownership. Call Property Returns today for an up to date and comprehensive tax depreciation report for your investment property in Melbourne and suburbs.